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Friday July 16 – Whale and Dolphin Report

Dear Friends,

It was up to the whale feeding grounds near Santa Rosa Island today, and the sightings were spectacular.  We closely watched:

3 Blue Whales 250 Common Dolphins

1 Pacific Harbor Seal

200 California Sea Lions But again, the “behind the scenes” story is special:  2 of the giant Blue Whales were a mother and her calf.  In fact, even though the Santa Barbara Channel covers many square miles of territory, this was the same mother and calf we have been seeing almost daily for the past 2 weeks.  Fate has brought us together, or so it seems. The days ahead are forecast to continue these magnificent sightings.  No where else in the world can one get close to such a great variety of whales and dolphins.

You can always direct interested persons to our photographic site for the daily images:

Bob Perry, aka Staff Phototgrapher Condor Express PS, the inbox for this email address is relatively un-monitored, so send your questions and comments to my email address above.

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