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Humpbacks whale on the Condor Express!

Second Trip of the Day Sunday May 22

Wasn't yesterday supposed to be the end of the world?   Glad nobody told the whales.

Today the Condor Express ran a second, private party whale watch honoring Michael Smith and his gray whale counters. The cetaceans appeared to sense that there were kindred spirits on board.

We watched 4 Humpbacks in the mid channel area, and 2 of them were extremely friendly.  These two bumpy-headed monsters rolled around, slapped their pectoral fins, rubbed against the Condor Express and each other, and thoroughly entertained themselves and the whale census volunteers on board.  And then, just like what happened on the early trip with the Blue Whales….here come the Pacific White-Sided Dolphins!  There was a lot of interspecies interaction between the humpies and the lags.

The past two days have not only had extremely good large and small cetacean interactions, but the water in the channel has been crystal clear.

You can see this for yourself in yesterday's trip shots:   blue water whales!

It's prime time! Bob Perry Condor Express

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