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Mother humpback whale breaches

Our track today.

Mother humpback whale breaches.

The same mother and calf pair of humpback whale that have inhabited our coastal waters for the past couple of weeks was watched closely again today. Captain Dave reports semi-foggy conditions and calm seas. The Condor Express witnessed a similar, yet novel, behavior again from the mother humpback. You may recall reading about this last week. She “logs” on the surface almost motionless, as though she was doing what humpbacks do if they sleep. Then she acts startled, slams her head into the water and then dives with a small tidal wave of spray and foam sent everywhere. Seconds later the mother breaches completely out of the water to the amazement of all the spectators. This repertoire is fairly unique to this whale and is quite an amazing thing to see.

Four Minke whales and about 400 common dolphins were also observed.

best regards Bob Perry Condor Express

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