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Risso’s dolphins, common dolphins, humpback whales and our pal “Rope”.

Captain Mat headed out to the feeding grounds and located an initial 5 humpback whales that we watched closely.  They milled around and seemed to be feeding subsurface.  Among the five whales was our humpback whale mascot “Rope,” who appeared more robust than last year…with more girth.   Common dolphins were seen throughout the trip with at least 2,000 observed closely.  A trip to beautiful Santa Cruz Island included the Painted Cave (where the island Dudleya seemed brighter than usual) and along the northern face up to Cueva Valdez.  After leaving Cueva and  heading northward towards the harbor, Captain Mat spotted a small pod of Risso’s dolphins.  The Risso’s spent a great deal of time on the surface and gave all on board some great looks.   Not long after the Risso’s encounter, we found a few more humpback whales, and even more (including a breacher) off in binocular range.  It was an overcast day with great, calm sea conditions.

I’ll post the photos from today on the web sometime tomorrow.

hope to see you soon

Bob Perry  Condor Express

#commondolphins #humpbackwhales

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