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Sat July 10 – Whale Report

Greetings friends, It was another fabulous day in whale watching paradise.  The Humpbacks ( a Springtime species) and the Blue Whales (a Summer species) are both together on the Santa Rosa Island feeding grounds.  It is amazing to see these two monsters side by side, just a few dozen yards from each other, and very close to the Condor Express.   The totals for today's trip are:

10 Humpback Whales (including one that performed a crowd-pleasing “tail throwing” maneuver several times in succession)

8 Blue Whales

Remember:  these counts reflect only the whales the Condor Express directly followed and observed.  Of course, dozens more were seen spouting in the distance, all around.

You can always direct interested persons to our photographic site for the daily images: There is still room aboard tomorrow's trip.  We depart every day at 10am and return to the Sea Landing in Santa Barbara Harbor around 230pm.  Call 1-877-WHALE for reservations. Thank you for your continued support, and have a WHALE of a day! Bob Perry Staff Phototgrapher Condor Express

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