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Seven northbound gray whales make for an epic adventure.

A total of seven northbound gray whales were closely followed and numerous others were in the area. Bright warm sun and a glassy ocean with small swells in the morning that pretty much died out to calm seas by the afternoon. Our seven included 3 separate cow-calf pairs and one extremely friendly juvenile, perhaps a yearling or second year whale. This juvenile made several direct approaches to the Condor and ran parallel to our course only a dozen or so yards off our beam. It was a magical and special encounter.

As for the smaller breeds of cetaceans, we had around 1,000 long beaked common dolphins that were spread out over a mile or so and actively feeding. Later, a herd of about 15 or so inshore bottlenose dolphins approached the boat a few times to the delight of all.

At was truly a day full of epic adventures. I’ll post the photos to tomorrow

best Bob Perry Condor Exprss

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