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The best California whale watching continues on the Condor Express

Santa Barbara Channel Whale Watchers

Here are the species we watched closely today:

9 giant Blue Whales ( perhaps as many as 15 in binocular range )

2,000 long-beaked Common Dolphins (one pod went on and on for several miles !)

4 Humpback Whales

A breezy day with bright sun and sea foam everywhere!  The spray from the big Blue Whales spouting and busting into the waves was exhilarating.  Captain Dave kept the boat running with the wind to make the boat calm and stable, and the Humpbacks and Blues just kept popping up in front of the Condor Express as we ran “down hill.”   There are indeed a lot of whales in the area right now.  Learn more about the Condor Express !

Call 888-77WHALE or 805-882-0088 to book your trip.

In addition to the expert crew on the Condor Express with over 35 years of experience, Channel Islands Naturalist Corps volunteer naturalists, representatives from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park, are usually on board and available to answer your questions during the trip.

Best fishes, have a WHALE of a day and OCEANS of fun!

Bob Perry

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