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Whale Sightings – Updates April 26 – 29

Whale Sightings – Updates April 26 – 29

It was a rough and windy week out on the Channel but the captains and crew of the Condor Express never missed a day of finding good whales to watch.  Here is a synopsis:

Tues 4/26 –> 3 Gray Whales (including one cow-calf pair)

Wed 4/27 –> 1 Gray Whale cow-calf pair

Thurs 4/28–> 4 Gray Whales (2 cow-calf pairs)

Fri 4/29 –> 4 Gray Whales (2 cow-calf pairs) and 1 Humpback Whale


Starting this Monday, May 2nd, the Condor Express returns to its 4.5 hour long “Island Whale Watch” schedule.  The boat departs Sea Landing at 10am and returns in the 230pm time frame.  Weather and sea conditions permitting, these adventures take our guests across the Santa Barbara Channel to the feeding grounds of the “big boys.”   Our Humpbacks have been around for over a month now, and during May we expect to see Blue Whales again in great abundance.  Remember, one Blue has already been seen in the Channel.  Trips usually include a visit to scenic Santa Cruz Island and a look at the worlds' longest sea cave, the famous Painted Cave.

Make your reservations now and join the fun!  1-888-77WHALE

Join us on our newly revised website:

or view photographs from our adventures:

Best Fishes and have a WHALE of a day…

Bob Perry

Condor Express

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