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Whale Feeding Grounds

They don’t call it the “feeding grounds” for nothing.

In spite of rather bumpy seas, the clear sunny skies allowed Captain Dave to once again show his professional whale skills in fine fashion. Dave reports huge balls of bait out on the grounds, and countless (more than 2,000 ?) common dolphins streaking through the masses and dining at will. Of course in a situation like this it can turn out that more than just the small cetaceans are hungry. And Dave reports at least 8 humpbacks were seen lunge feeding on the surface. On a few occasions the dolphins and big guys had the bait cornered alongside the ol’ Condor, and then the huge maws of the knobby headed beasts could be viewed a few feet away. Other springtime humpback antics such as lob tailing and pectoral fin slapping abounded.

Please tell me why I was not on board today.


Bob Perry Condor Express

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